ESCAPE: The Journey Tribute Band

ESCAPE is the Ultimate Journey Tribute band that faithfully re-captures the thrill generations of Journey fans remember.

Like Journey, ESCAPE features 5 top California musicians who have performed live in nearly every state in the nation. Altogether, these five rockers hold more ammunition to capture the look and sound of Journey beyond all other Journey tribute bands.

Journey Tribute band Escape 2015



QSC Audio Corporate Party - Richard Blade - Host


Southern California


Glendora City Festival


Silent Valley Club


Fantasy Springs Hotel and Casino Rockyard


Lakewood City Summer Concerts


Seal Beach City Summer Concerts - The Pier


Fantasy Springs Hotel and Casino Rockyard


Fantasy Springs RockYard, Who's cryin' now

Performed by Escape The Journey Tribute Band - Fantasy Springs RockYard 2016


Fantasy Springs, Separate Ways

Performed by Escape The Journey Tribute Band - Fantasy Springs Hotel and Casino Rockyard 2016


City of Cypress, Stone in love

Performed by Escape The Journey Tribute Band @ Cypress Concerts on the Green


Faithfully, Cypress concert

Filmed at Cypress Concerts on the Green -


Fantasy Springs, Open arms

Fantasy Springs RockYard - Indio, CA. - Escape The Journey Tribute


Fantasy Springs, Be good to yourself

Escape The Journey Tribute Band - Fantasy Springs


City of Lakewood Summer Concert Series, Don't stop believin'

Filmed at City of Lakewood Summer Concerts in the park - Escapejourneytribute


Escape the Journey tribute band

Filmed at Fantasy Springs Casino Rock Yard, Indio, CA. Sept 2016

Story By: Holly Herndon of

The crowd was definitely still believin' when Escape: the Journey Tribute Band took the stage at Mount Palomar Winery on the night of Friday, August 22nd. Hundreds of music lovers sipped wine, danced and sang along to all of their favorite Journey tunes, including "Open Arms", "Wheel in the Sky", and, of course, "Don't Stop Believin", The venue on top of the hill, under the stars, made for a magical evening out in wine country. If you looked at the crowd while Escape sang "Who's Crying Now", the answer was nobody.

"Just a small town girl living in a lonely world. She took the midnight train going anywhere"

We all know the words and we've all belted them at the top of our lungs at a bar, party or wedding reception. Sometimes considered rock's most perfect song, Journey's Don't Stop Believin' was released in 1981 as a single from the band's wildly successful album, Escape. Now, Journey tribute band, Escape, takes the album, as well as the band's legacy, and brings them to life. The song, "Don't Stop Believin", is an anthem that everybody realizes and loves and, as soon as you play that song, everybody is up singing along", Chad Smith, Escape Vocalist, said during a recent phone interview. "Journey definitely has several songs that touch people that way." Formed in 1996 by professional musician Stu Simone (keyboards, vocals and guitar,) Escape was the first Journey tribute band based in Los Angeles. Since their inception, members have come and gone but, with the recent addition of Perry-esque vocalist Chad Smith last October, Stu Simone feels the band is now perfectly crafted for excellent staying power. "We brought [Smith] in and he just blew us away", he said. "He is just an extraordinary talent and we decided right then we wanted him as our front man. Since then, we've been firing on all cylinders trying to get back in the game again." Along with Simone, and Smith, Escape's current lineup includes Gary Ponder on drums, Jeff Ellis on lead guitar and bassist Todd Libby. Performing at Mount Palomar Winery on August 22nd, the members of Escape hope to be described as talented, fun and entertaining, but they don't want to be referred to as a cover band. "A tribute band goes a step further", Simone said. "They try to look like the personnel, as close as they can, or find lookalikes. They try to recreate the actual sound of the band with the same kind of instruments, the same kind of amplifiers and create the same kind of experience as a Journey concert. I feel we've gotten to a point where we're pretty close to that". Escape has so many similarities to the Journey of the late seventies and early eighties, that some actually prefer their show to the 2014 version of the real thing. "We've had several people tell us that they like our singer better than Arnel [Pineda], the current singer", Simone said. "Most people get really excited and are very impressed with the way we sound. Its great music and we do our best to capture Journey's light and energy as well as their sound". With fans already in the community from past local appearances, the members of Escape look forward to another awesome Temecula Valley show. "Journey has touched so many people in different ways and I'm very grateful that we've come to this point as a tribute band. I'm excited to see where we can go from here", Simone said. "Wine and Journey music are a great combination so come on out to Mount Palomar for a great time".